What I can help you with

The goal of all of my content is to help developers get more product with the tools of the web.

My channels are very focused on concise examples, leaving out the “fluff” you might get with typical content creators.

I also don’t “butter up” the products, where the work will be shown at face value. However, my ultimate goal is to make sure I’m able to help people be as productive as they can with that tool.

All content is created by me, Colby Fayock. The content comes primarily in two forms:

  • Article here on spacejelly.dev
  • Dedicated video on youtube.com/colbyfayock
  • If makes sense, tutorial demo hosted on Github

Once any content is published, I additionally:

  • Include that content in my weekly newsletter
  • Send out a Tweet at some point after publishing to promote the content

What I expect from you

  • A product that will genuinely help developers be more productive with their work
  • You should have a free tier available for trying the product out

My requirements

  • I generally need to find the product interesting and helpful for my audience
  • The product needs to align with web development
  • Your company needs to share my values (not ran by or aligned with hate or violence)

Samples of my sponsored content

Have questions or interested in sponsoring content?

Reach out at hello@colbyfayock.com!