So you’d like to sponsor Space Jelly?

Sponsoring content with Space Jelly (Colby Fayock) is a way to engage developers through high quality content, demonstrating the strengths and applications of your product.

The goal of all of my content is to help developers get more product with the tools of the web, so whether you want to gain product awareness or highlight a use case, sponsoring is a great opportunity to show real value for developers.

What I Offer

My channels are very focused on concise examples, leaving out the “fluff” you might get with typical content creators.

Don’t expect anything that will “butter up” the products, where the work will be shown at face value (this might include bugs or painpoints). However, my ultimate goal is to make sure I’m able to help people be as productive as they can with that tool.

Dedicated Content

  • Open source, deployed demo (if relevant)
  • Written tutorial on spacejelly.dev
  • Video tutorial on youtube.com/colbyfayock
  • Automated Tweet upon launch
  • Written Tweet within 48 hrs of launch
  • Feature in weekly newsletter

Speaking Engagements

  • Virtual workshops
  • Technical talks

Both public and private engagements.


  • Product Feedback
  • Development and / or UX Advice

All consulting would be virtual and does not include any development.

What I Require

  • Your company shares my values (not ran by or aligned with hate or violence)
  • Product that makes sense for my audience (web development)
  • Product will genuinely help developers be more productive with their work
  • Free tier or trial available for trying the product out
  • Payment before content launch

What I Ask

  • Your team’s support with marketing
  • Your team’s support with product questions
  • Your patience and prompt replies

What My Process Looks Like

  • Build project demo
  • Create content outline
  • Deliver invoice for project
  • Write article
  • Record video
  • Plan and schedule content launch

All steps will require individual sign-off aside from the demo and outline which are grouped. This helps to make sure we’re on the same page every step of the way and to avoid wasted time rewriting or re-recording the video.

Should you choose to change directions after an approval is made, payment may be required depending on the scope of the change and the step of the process we’re at (such as having to re-record the entire video).

Samples of Space Jelly Sponsored Content





Have Questions or Interested in Sponsoring?

Reach out at hello@colbyfayock.com!

Thank you, sincerely, for considering sponsoring. With your support, I’m able to keep helping developers around the world learn how to use the best-in-class tools to build the web… for FREE!