tl;dr I only accept sponsor requests from products I think are worth your time.

In order to help support my efforts of providing free content for web developers to learn, some of the content you’ll see on spacejelly.dev may be sponsored by a product or company. Sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such at the top of the post.

What you will see

  • Products or tools I think are interesting
  • Authentic tutorials like I would write and produce for any other product or tool
  • Honesty about the positives and negatives about the product or tool
  • Companies that share my values

What you won’t see

  • Sponsors that are irrelevant to web development and my general topics of interest
  • Content written or produced by anyone other than myself
  • Fluff pieces
  • Companies ran by or aligned with hate or violence

Have a question or notice something in violation of the above?

Please let me know on Twitter!

Interested in sponsoring content on spacejelly.dev?

Reach out at hello@colbyfayock.com!