Colby Fayock


  • How to Create a Custom GitHub Action with Node & JavaScript

    GitHub Actions are a powerful tool to automate all kinds of tasks in your workflow. While there are a ton of options available on the Marketplace, those existing Actions might not fit your use case or infrastructure. How can we write our own GitHub Action to automate our project’s tasks?

  • How to run Visual Regression Testing on a Next.js App with Cypress and Applitools

    A critical component of any development project is the tests that make sure that project is always doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. There are a ton of testing tools available to us, but not all of them test what someone actually experiences. How can we use Applitools to visually test our project and make sure it’s actually working right?

  • How to Fetch GraphQL Data in Next.js with Apollo GraphQL

    Next.js has been steadily growing as a must-have tool for developers creating React apps. Part of what makes it great is its data fetching APIs to request data for each page. But how can we use that API to make GraphQL queries for our app?

  • How to Use Github Actions to Automate Tests and Slack Notifications

    Automation is a powerful tool. It both saves us time and can help reduce human error. But automation can be tough and can sometimes prove to be costly. How can Github Actions help harden our code and give us more time to work on features instead of bugs?